I'm an educator and scientist from Poland, who focuses on Computer Vision and Internet Technologies. I'm involved in educational, scientific and commercial projects, related to these areas.
      I'm mostly concerned with Computer Vision and I still have a lot to learn and a lot to do in this field. The world of CV is fascinating and in connection with Machine Learning, Neural Networks (and few others) has almost unlimited potential. Detecting anomalies, tracking objects, recognizing text, and many other things related to CV are very absorbing, and give a lot of pleasure. That's why I like it :)
      By the way, you can check my scientific profiles to look at my interests and to discover what I'm currently working on. You can contact me through links below my photo.

Work, work, work …

      In my institute I prefer programming and scientific research the most, and I also conduct lectures and laboratories on "Computer Vision", "WWW technologies", "Introduction to Machine Learning" and "Basics of Android programming". I was (and I am still) a supervisor of many engineering (B.Sc) projects. I also worked as a developer (Python, WWW) in a few IT companies.
      I have an honour and big pleasure to be an R&D Manager in the Toucan Eye project. It is an Artificial Intelligence system assisting persons with impaired sight. Project was gained from The National Centre for Research and Development in 2017. I think that experience gained in commercial industry (both jobs in IT and cooperation in projects) is priceless.